Shakespearean Insults
Choose two adjectives and one noun to create an insult fit for hurling at your English teacher. Be sure to determine if the adjectives are coordinate and need a comma. You may add a suffix to an adjective if you wish.  Write your insult on the provided sentence strip.

sodden common overwheening
lewd naughty slippery
puny pernicious shallow
deadly brazen stale
sore impudent surly
full rough scurvy
palpable tedious contagious
creeping crusty paltry
infinite diminutive ridiculous
vaporous shameful bawdy
sour base sanctimonious
degenerate stuffed counterfeit
marvellous hyperbolical greasy
preposterous horrid suffixes
notorious monstrous -ness
wanton sloven -eyed
corrupt monkey-faced -faced
excellent incarnate un-
sullen measureless -en
vile decayed -nosed
perfidious servile -mouthed
blunt insolent -witted
foul strange -head
fresh vain --ing
saucy prodigal -pated
gross unwholesome -ed
luxurious contumelious -er
spotted loathsome -s
vulgar thrasonical -eared
rank fanatical -headed
slimy irksome -looking
swollen pathetic -ment
ancient pestiferous -est
dull incarnadine -hearted
malignant peevish

drone mountebank fragment
carcass neighbour nag
module drudge thing
worm bloodsucker bear
scum chameleon hag
fob milksop clog
scandal minion infant
witch customer filth
substance caterwaul liar
devil cat pair
lunatic botch blubber
fellow scourge loon
snake toad rabble
cast goat churl
belly heap sluggard
bone brain lard
rag dish flea
bag lout fiend
leek dolt mildew
parasite slave breath
guts serpent punk
lob vixen wretch
creature man sponge
weasel biter idol
sot lump scab
wench fool gossip
weed coward mouse
blossom coxcomb varlet
ox tyrant louse
artificer keech rat
hypocrite minimus snipe
supplicant rump braggart
knave snapper carp
plebian clotpoll face
strumpet traitor peasant
sloth tinker slug